Maths Graduate Award

Maths Graduate Award

This part of the website contains the syllabus for the Consortium Academy Trust PSHE Graduate Award.

You will need to study all the information presented here.

Staff will help you develop the study skills you need in order to memorize, retain and recall this information.

Once you are confident you can recall this syllabus tell your teacher and they will give you your undergraduate test.

Once you have passed you will receive a badge and be known as a PSHE Graduate!

Maths Graduate Award

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Example questions

  • Tell me the definition of a circle.
  • What does ‘diameter’ mean?
  • What is an arc?
  • What is a chord?
  • Tell me a fun fact about circles.
  • What is the name of a triangle whose sides are all of equal length?
  • What makes a triangle a scalene triangle?
  • Tell me about the angles in an acute-angled triangle.
  • What is the process of measuring using triangles called?
  • Other than the circle and the triangle, name two geometric plane shapes.

Graduate links:

Learners who wish to become Graduates in the available study topics can elect to study at home and in school during their own time, taking the Graduate Test when they know they are ready.

Upon graduation, they will receive a badge which they can wear on their school uniform with pride.

This will further demonstrate to their peers, parents, visitors and the wider community just how dedicated they are to their studies.